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Full Favor

In this proposal, the restaurant will be 8 meters long and 6 meters wide where the enclosed kitchen will be running along the longitudinal axis. The restaurant will be compose of four area which the foyer and the dining area in the open area, and the reception and the kitchen in the enclose area. Open area will be roughly around 8 meters by 4.2 meters, and should be able to contain three row of 28 seats. The enclose area will be roughly 8 meters by 1.8 meters where it can contain a single row kitchen as well as a place to storage and do a cashier registration.

The partition wall between the open area and the kitchen will be painted in black. The wall will be used as display art which will be replace every four months. The only contrast shade, the illuminated white, will come from the use of the series of umbrella installation which intend to be perceive as an illuminated cloud.

The restaurant will be dominate by the black color, the wall, the floor, or even the hanging ceiling will use black as a finished color. Dark brown color will be use mainly at the waist line level. The balustrade handle of the fence, door frame, and picture frames will be dark brown. The tables top will be solid sanded teak wood, and its leg will be in metallic finish in order to match with metallic chair. The fence of this restaurant will be iron rod painted in black. The fence will use a hexagon pattern to mimic the shape of the umbrella. At the foyer area, the display kiosk will be made of a solid old teak wood and a brass top of display to create an extravagance impression upon arrival.





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